ais+udio designers

Not your typical design geeks.


we are aistudio

Interior designers with architectural background, with over twenty years experience designing hotels, commercial spaces and residences. Our scope has now widen to include fabric design, graphic design and interior visualisation. We even dabble into metal art in our spare time.

Before design outsourcing became a buzzword, our team was already busy collaborating with other design companies. "Design Sourcing" various project stages, working with or as part of another design company. This innovative and strategic utilization of aistudio by other design companies increases their efficiency, profitability and versatility.

Whether working with individual clients or other design companies, our values remains universal. We are ever focused on our clients' needs and meeting their expectations.

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If you happen to be in the central plateau of New Zealand's north island, do drop by the Ruapehu region. Along State Highway 4 just outside the historic town of Raetihi, you'll find us doing our creative thinking in a small KUBO (hut) on a hill overlooking Mordor and Mount Doom.